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Limited edition club heat for the streets

Sou Funk available now

FHZ-001 is out now and features 5 baile funk tracks direct from the streets of Brazil. Get it now domain data .

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  1. Greg July 25th, 2006 1:27 am

    I’m a student doing some research on funk music (in Rio as I write this, actually), and I have questions about the Sou Funk EP (which, I might add, I greedily snapped up before I got down here) — how it came about, how the songs were chosen, what interaction you had with the artists, how it’s been received stateside — quite a bit, actually, since my focus is on the influence funk’s recent popularity up North has had on its production down here.

    If you would be interested in discussing some of these questions with me, is there an e-mail address where I could reach you all at so we could chat further?

    greg scruggs

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