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Limited edition club heat for the streets

In Store at 611 Records

In the rack at 611 Records

Yo guess who just got laced with the Curtis Vodka EP? Yeah that’s right this is 611 Records and we sold out of Sou Funk (FHZ001) so fast they doubled their order and then ordered the Curtis Vodka release too. Those are selling so well that they are the number 2 and number 3 best seller in the store. Holla. Yeah son we push units, out da trunk. Yo so the other

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great thing about this pic is that my boy Tim Baker is pick number 4 on the 611 list with that OVUM release. Tim Baker is the shit representing for the Detroit Techno scene like it ain’t no problem. Yeah that’s right that EP ain’t got no vocals on it. Man that dude has the illest polo sweater game I have ever seen. I was hanging out with him in Union Pier, Michigan and we went from playing croquet to feigning interest in badminton to going down to the beach in like an hour all with his polo sweater tied around neck and those ivory white shoes. Killer dude. He owns a label too called Elphanthaus (no black eye peado) but some how has never put out an EP on his own label. I also once tried to convince him to make electro beats with me on the 303 while juiced in it after partying all night and seeing him at sonotech. Oh yeah I also dj’d for him at the after party were I found out I was really not cool since I worked at Budget and everyone around me owned galleries, was a superstar international dj that just came back from European raves or owned their own home. That morning was a sobering experience while I watched the sunrise on my sister’s house still banged out of my mind thinking about how I too one day will own my own condo in a gentrifying area of Chicago… Tim Baker thanks for also djing my sisters 30th birthday party in New York.

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  1. samfm October 14th, 2006 4:07 pm

    wow.follow a link of the board and read some go on about one of dudes. i’ve known baker since like ’94 when i first moved to ann arbor. we were all stupid raver kids back then- baker had a clothing label with another friend of ours, called elephanthaus. they used to throw these parties under the same name, that’s where i met him. tim is the dude. totally inspiring. i’ve got several friends “living the dream”, but how tim has handled himself, and stayed true to everyone he’s ever met is what makes him special. i actually saw tim the night before i moved backed to sf this summer, totally out of the blue, with wifey and new baby. tim.

    they’re loft is the sickest ain’t it?

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