Flamin’ Hotz

Limited edition club heat for the streets

Tambourine Dream Is Officaly In The Streets

Sorry about the long delay on this record. It actually went to press around the same time as the Bird Peterson record but got held up due to the special printing on the Obi strip. Anyways it was totally worth it. It was really a pleasure working with Pocketknife and Cousin Cole on this project after we talked about it for like two months. There was lots of early morning hung over phone calls, unanswered emails, and general excitement flying back and forth with this whole project. In the end it really shows. This record is easily one of the coolest things I have had my hand in and I am so proud to make something special for these two dudes who have been a constant influence in the scene and have been making incredible tracks for a while now. Don’t forget that this is just the sampler ep for a much larger remix cd project that they have on Flagrant Fowl home to these dudes. I have the tracks mixed and unmixed and for like two months straight this would be the first thing I would listen to when I came into work. It still is in constant rotation and I highly recomend that you pick this up for every member of your family. This CD will be especially important if you are tired of those endless Midwestern drives where you are crossing a state every 4 hours with your mom in the minivan and all she has to listen to is the Enya tape, that George Winter summer tape, and the Nancy Griffith “Flyer” album. Pop this in and sit back while the sun sets while you are cruising by at 67 mph with no leaves on the trees and that yellow sun is low in the sky and disappearing while your breath starts to freeze on the window. Promo page with text soon. In the mean time learn to read Japanese and enjoy that obi. If I new how to embed

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youtubes I would embed this, Pocketknife made it. Its really dope. UPDATE: Fixed and embedded

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