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Bustbright Update from TTL LA

Big update from our man in San Fran, Derrick from Bustbright Design. This is the dude that is responsible for how dope our records look. I am so happy to have this guy in my corner. Feel free to get him in yours also. Get in touch with him over at his site..

Anyways Derrick is down in LA and sent us these from his camera phone, looks like we are getting so much wall love from the TTL camp. Thanks guys we are so happy that gave us a special page on the website also. Actually looking at it you guys got a healthy stock of our records in. Dope gotta send that link to my Mom so she can buy Christmas Presents for everyone…


The only time I was in LA I had Trouble and Bass 12″s that I was trying to sell to other records stores and was just like fuck it. They wouldn’t take it cause it wasn’t mash up enough, not breaky enough, wasn’t on no trance shit… Man I love that record though.


DWIZZ I see you… BIRD<BIRD<BIRD<BIRD<….Man I love that Pase Rock record…

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  1. Derrick March 28th, 2008 10:55 pm

    haha, I actually live in LA full-time now. It was hella confusing there for a while, I know.

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