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RCMP Out Now

RCMP’s debut record is out now. RCMP is the duo of Apt One from the Philadelphyinz and Relative Q, a friend who is still just a Yinzer. The duo have crafted 4 original and 2 remixes in epic nu-disco proportion!

Notable for its sophistication (Mustache Love), its cathartic emotional content (Ibiza, PA), its soaring grandiosity (The Bird AKA Ignition) and its brain-melting infectiousness (USA Groove), RCMP has been leaving dance floors aglow in pheremones, sweat and love. Epic remixes from New York’s Pumpkin Patch and Cousin Cole fill out the record.

RCMP has offered up 2 tracks for download. RCMP – Ibiza, PA RCMP – The Bird aka Ignition Additionally, download the promo mix featuring all 6 tracks and a bonus remix from the RCMP Remix EP which will be released on Young Robots Digital, Fall, 2009. RCMP EP Promo Mix Tracklisting here. This Thursday, come celebrate the release with RCMP, Philadelphyinz, Shawn Ryan and Billy W at Metropolis at the Barbary in Philly. Records will be available for purchase at the show as well.

Records will be available at Turntable Lab and more stores next week or pick them up now directly from the Flamin Hotz Vending Machine. Or even better sign up for the Flamin Hotz Record

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club and get this and the Proper Villains record plus 8 more records and all the digital files for $120.

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Proper Villains Big Apple Bounce EP Out Now

Ahh it took a minuete but Flamin Hotz Records back on that shit with its first offering in 2009 with DJ Jon S aka Proper Villains Productions killing it on this 8 track ep banger. Mixing elements of Baltimore Club, Figit, and Wobble Wobble this element is perfect compliment to peak hour bangers which will surely set your night off. Personally my fav is the Machinedrum Remix ft Theophilus London which I first heard on the “This Charming Mixtape”. I started buggin out when I realized the producer which made me frantic calling dudes to get clearance on the track. Took a min but it was well worth it in my opinion. So download it and enjoy. Shout outs to Mike Dextro too. Do it big hommie. Cop the record at TTL or at your favorite local show (which I also highly recommend). Machine Drum featuring Theophilus London – Late Night Operation – Proper Villains & Mike Dextro remix Proper Villains also laced us with this awesome promo mix where you can hear tracks from the ep mixed with some other favs. Had this on rotation for a hot minute this week and gotta share it. Big Apple Bounce EP Promo Mix 01. DJ Technics – Dew Doo Rock 02. Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (DJ Dstar remix) 03. DJ B-Stee – Thunderous Olympian 04. DJ Tameil – Oh Yeah 05.

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Proper Villains – Drop With Me 06. Proper VIllains – Get Down Method 07. KW Griff – Respect 08. Dave Nada – Spell On You 09. Proper Villains – Ready or Not 10. Krames – In His Kiss 11. Emynd & Bo Bliz – Rock This Park 12. Proper Villains – Creamy 13. Proper Villains – Vampy 14. Rye Rye feat. MIA – Bang 15. Proper Villains – Big Booty Bounce 16. Bobby LaBeat – We Like to Party 17. Sammy Bananas – K7 Baby 18. DJ Class feat. Kanye West – I’m the ish (remix) 19. DJ Tameil – Robot Club Rock 20. Chelly – Took the Night 21. Three Six Mafia – Sippin’ On Some Syrup

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Next Saturday Flamini Hotz is teaming up with 5151, Illy, and Fresh Melt Water are proud to present Pick Your Poison at the M Room May 9th for the release party of Proper Villains Big Apple Bounce out on Flamin more info

Hotz Records.

Pick Your Poison
presented by
Flamin Hotz, 5151, Illy and Let Me Ride
Proper Villains (NightShifters, SouthernFriedRecords, Flamin Hotz, Brooklyn)
D.O.T.R (Dj’s Are Not Rock Stars, BroBot, Brooklyn)
Let Me Ride (LetMeRide215.Com, PHI)
Illy (LMR, The Rip Off, Freaks LIke Us Recods, PHI)
PeterDragonTail (PeterDragonTail.Com, PHI)
Free Pabst and mixed drinks 10 – 11
$5 on list above

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Introducing Flamin Hotz Record Club

Do you want 10 records from Flamin Hotz for $120

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shipped to you. Check it out… plus you can get this cool card. check it out here. Bookmark and Share

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For all my tight pants wearin ass niggas… Come and get it…

Buy Ninjasonik’s Tight Pants EP from us direct and get a free sticker and the wmd’s if you promise not to share…

Chief Records (Brooklyn) and Flamin Hotz (Philadelphia) enthusiastically present the first release of Brooklyn’s crunk-punk duo Ninjasonik. Individually, DJ TeenWolf and DJ Rev McFly have been champions of New York City’s Lower East Side nightclub parties for years and years Now partnered as Ninjasonik, they bring a whole new type of hyphy to the dance floor. Part hip hop, part electronic, all punk, Ninjasonik is the latest and most exciting baby of the Brooklyn DIY scene. You already know!

Check the Tracklist:

Side A
A1. With the K, Not the C
A2. Tight Pants
A3. Holla for a Dolla
A4. Internet Bitch
Side B
B1. Tight Pants (Rap remix feat Telli Gramz)
B2. Tight Pants (Elsewhere’s Silence of the Jamz remix)
B3. Internet Bitch (Pharoah’s 4×4 on the Floor mix) (this my jam right here)
B4. Bastardmore (Ninjasonik refix)

This is what TTL had to say about all this…

“Oh no, he didn’t.” “Dude is taking it there.” “Oh my Gaaawd.” “That’s fucking awesome!” “That sucks.” Whatever you wanna say, Rev. McFly’s first single on Flamin’ Hotz as Ninja Sonik definitely knows how to get people buzzin’. The EP is a mixture of electro/rave/Bmore coming straight from NY. The scene for this shit is some real durt-ass parties (used to see dude floating around the earliest Trouble & Bass sessions) where all the hipsters, rock heads, and freaks jam out to hard pumping tracks all night. Just click “Tight Pants(1)” to get an idea. The dude loves his dirty rocking club beats and to yell out Lil Jon inspired phrases like “Whaat n*gga!!!” and “I’m a tight pants wearin’ ass n*gga!” Like I said, real dirt talk. The raps by Telli Gramz make it complete. Also check out the drier original version(2) and the electro/rave sound of “Elsewhere’s Silence Of The Jamz Remix(3).” The shit is straight cray! There’s also the “King Of The Internet” jam, called “Internet Bitch(4) – Pharoah’s 4X4 On The Floor Mix.” It’s got samples for all you net-kings over a jazzy old skool house sound. Also, check the surprise ending with the Bmore version of ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” called “Bastardmore – Ninjasonik Refix.” If nothing else works, at least you have a surefire banger you can rely on.

The CD with bonus tracks and other funness is out on Chief records and can be bought at Ninjasonik shows, online soon, and on emusic and all that goodness.. Cheif also has the tracks for download for all you instant gratification dudes. 


More records on the way…

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TONIGHT. I guess we should also mention that we teamed up with Ninjasonik for the Tight Pants Ep release full of pure hot bangers…. You should be able to buy it in a day or two from TTL. And maybe even from us on our own singles shop. 01 With The K, Not The C 02 Tight Pants 03 Holla For A Dolla 04 Internet Bitch 05 Tightpants Rap Remix feat. Telli Gramz 06 Tight Pants Elsewhere’s Silence of the Jamz Remix 07 Internet Bitch Pharoh’s

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4×4 Remix 08 Bastardmore Ninjasonik Refix

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Tambourine Dream Is Officaly In The Streets

Sorry about the long delay on this record. It actually went to press around the same time as the Bird Peterson record but got held up due to the special printing on the Obi strip. Anyways it was totally worth it. It was really a pleasure working with Pocketknife and Cousin Cole on this project after we talked about it for like two months. There was lots of early morning hung over phone calls, unanswered emails, and general excitement flying back and forth with this whole project. In the end it really shows. This record is easily one of the coolest things I have had my hand in and I am so proud to make something special for these two dudes who have been a constant influence in the scene and have been making incredible tracks for a while now. Don’t forget that this is just the sampler ep for a much larger remix cd project that they have on Flagrant Fowl home to these dudes. I have the tracks mixed and unmixed and for like two months straight this would be the first thing I would listen to when I came into work. It still is in constant rotation and I highly recomend that you pick this up for every member of your family. This CD will be especially important if you are tired of those endless Midwestern drives where you are crossing a state every 4 hours with your mom in the minivan and all she has to listen to is the Enya tape, that George Winter summer tape, and the Nancy Griffith “Flyer” album. Pop this in and sit back while the sun sets while you are cruising by at 67 mph with no leaves on the trees and that yellow sun is low in the sky and disappearing while your breath starts to freeze on the window. Promo page with text soon. In the mean time learn to read Japanese and enjoy that obi. If I new how to embed

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youtubes I would embed this, Pocketknife made it. Its really dope. UPDATE: Fixed and embedded

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