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For all my tight pants wearin ass niggas… Come and get it…

Buy Ninjasonik’s Tight Pants EP from us direct and get a free sticker and the wmd’s if you promise not to share…

Chief Records (Brooklyn) and Flamin Hotz (Philadelphia) enthusiastically present the first release of Brooklyn’s crunk-punk duo Ninjasonik. Individually, DJ TeenWolf and DJ Rev McFly have been champions of New York City’s Lower East Side nightclub parties for years and years Now partnered as Ninjasonik, they bring a whole new type of hyphy to the dance floor. Part hip hop, part electronic, all punk, Ninjasonik is the latest and most exciting baby of the Brooklyn DIY scene. You already know!

Check the Tracklist:

Side A
A1. With the K, Not the C
A2. Tight Pants
A3. Holla for a Dolla
A4. Internet Bitch
Side B
B1. Tight Pants (Rap remix feat Telli Gramz)
B2. Tight Pants (Elsewhere’s Silence of the Jamz remix)
B3. Internet Bitch (Pharoah’s 4×4 on the Floor mix) (this my jam right here)
B4. Bastardmore (Ninjasonik refix)

This is what TTL had to say about all this…

“Oh no, he didn’t.” “Dude is taking it there.” “Oh my Gaaawd.” “That’s fucking awesome!” “That sucks.” Whatever you wanna say, Rev. McFly’s first single on Flamin’ Hotz as Ninja Sonik definitely knows how to get people buzzin’. The EP is a mixture of electro/rave/Bmore coming straight from NY. The scene for this shit is some real durt-ass parties (used to see dude floating around the earliest Trouble & Bass sessions) where all the hipsters, rock heads, and freaks jam out to hard pumping tracks all night. Just click “Tight Pants(1)” to get an idea. The dude loves his dirty rocking club beats and to yell out Lil Jon inspired phrases like “Whaat n*gga!!!” and “I’m a tight pants wearin’ ass n*gga!” Like I said, real dirt talk. The raps by Telli Gramz make it complete. Also check out the drier original version(2) and the electro/rave sound of “Elsewhere’s Silence Of The Jamz Remix(3).” The shit is straight cray! There’s also the “King Of The Internet” jam, called “Internet Bitch(4) – Pharoah’s 4X4 On The Floor Mix.” It’s got samples for all you net-kings over a jazzy old skool house sound. Also, check the surprise ending with the Bmore version of ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” called “Bastardmore – Ninjasonik Refix.” If nothing else works, at least you have a surefire banger you can rely on.

The CD with bonus tracks and other funness is out on Chief records and can be bought at Ninjasonik shows, online soon, and on emusic and all that goodness.. Cheif also has the tracks for download for all you instant gratification dudes. 


More records on the way…

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PANCADÃO DO MORRO – Big Hits From The Hill Pre Order


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SAKI STORE Best Buy (??????) INMUSIC.DK FYE Thanks for your support…


Cobra Krames Reachs #1 over at TurnTable Lab

Hey guys thanks for pushing us to number one over at TurnTable Lab. Cobra Krames killing it this year with some more tracks out soon on Mad Decent and Nasty Mix. Cop

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that shit when it drops. In other news the new FHZ011 is at the Plant. Whoa….

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Selling faster then “Ay Bay Bay” at Armands Records in PHL. Number 5 on TTL Vinyl Sale. Number two over at Phonica’s “Booty, Baile, and Bmore” Section.

Get the record for your WuTang instructions.


Bass Bandits Now Available

Bass Bandits EP Out Now

Bass Bandits EP is now being stocked at fine retailers all over the world so go cop that. Buy doubles to rock the party with 6 bass heavy tracks from Trouble & Bass. You have to see this record in person. I’ve never seen anything like it before. We could go on and on about how much we love it or how many spins its been getting from the Spank Rock crew but we’ll just post up what Turntable Lab said.

Third release from the Flamin Hotz label, who really got their name out there with that Curtis Vodka joint. People loved that record- I mean people way beyond the bmore resurrection hype and mp3 blog shuffle, they were all over that thing when we played it in the store. This new one from the Trouble & Bass crew is still “bmore” based in sound, but goes in way harder than Curtis (I know Sing Sing drums don’t necessarily equal Baltimore Club, but
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what else are you gonna call this stuff? I think Blu Jemz coined the proper name “WBB” – White Boy Baltimore or something like that). Whereas Curtis Vodka’s record was vaguely pretty and made you feel good- this shit hits you square in the head and might make you wanna punch somebody. It’s good. Tough call but I think my favorite on here is Math Head’s “Magnum(1),” reworking the Magnum P.I. theme with all sorts of breakdowns and party chants. Not cheesy at all, and barely recognizable if you aren’t looking for it, this one is just clean and effective. For something more straight to the dancefloor gut, check “Uptown VIP(2)” from L.Vis, a sped up remix of Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz. The first verse is left intact, but things really get fun when they start fucking with those intro horns (same ones used on “Hips Don’t Lie”) for the remainder of the track. Drop The Lime has two tracks on here, both showing signs of some serious work and more of a grime / dubstep influence. Checkout the slowed down “Juggernaut(3)” with signature dubstep bass drops and the reworking of Ciara’s “Get Up(4).” “Dirty Ride(5)” is a Chamillionaire remix (little late for that), but “Ballers(6)” is an all purpose joint that you could play any time. Another solid one from these guys.

Get it here from Turntable Lab, in Philly exclusively at 611 Records (611 S. 4th street), Juno Records out of the UK or directly from us here. The record release party was a total smashdown in full rave glory with glow necklaces and the party got shut down early cause people were going too crazy. The next night Drop the Lime got punched in the face after getting kicked off the decks for some U2 mashups because that party got too crazy. I think you can get a picture of the power of this record. Check out pictures from 5151 here.

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Get It In With Flamin Hotz

Get in with Flamin Hotz, Trouble & Bass and Seclusiasis Bass Bass Bass (airhorn) in your face, make your ass shake. Get ready as Drop The Lime and Mathhead are invading the Tritone this Saturday 12/09 on the heels of their huge “Trouble and Bass” monthly party last week to promote the new release on Flamin Hotz Records, and really just to get crazy in another city for a night. Go over here to look at the pictures and read about the music (the comments are out of control on this site) and then go look at how sweaty this dude got. I mean this is what I totally look to do every weekend when there are just top notch DJ’s in town. Pre-party the shit out of some Sparks and Red Bull and Vodkas, go to a free party where they encourage people to get crazy, then proceed to go crazy and at 2 in the morning when every one has had enough of me I start screaming at them (which is why I haven’t had a date in two years I think, I should really deconstruct this shit) and go to Mansion. Then while I am there all I do is talk shit to dudes who like “Frat House” and just remember how dope the party was twenty minutes ago and how much cheaper the drinks were. Then I leave telling them that I will never come back since I had to pay the ten dollar cover for forty five minutes

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and usually see people I know and start telling them how much I like Juke and how Juke really needs to get played in Philly. So yeah then I walk home and usually wake up at 12:00 and walk down to Café Lift for an impromptu brunch and talk to Tina about her house in Fish Town and then talk to Jenny about her new modern dance that I missed again. Then on the walk home I throw up and get ready to do it all over again, or go to work. Which ever I feel like doing. So come and Get In

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with Dev 79, Stumbol, Drop The Lime, Mathhead with special walk through appearance by Casi G and 5151. Oh yeah this party is at TriTone which is on 15th and South or something like that. Its right by the Jamaican Jerk Hut from that movie with Cameron Diaz where she sleeps with old men or like sponge baths them. I wonder if that was the inspiration for “My Love”. Which I guarantee will be played several times along with the new “Bass Bandits” EP and I think I would throw some of these in the crowd at the end of the night.

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In Store at 611 Records

In the rack at 611 Records

Yo guess who just got laced with the Curtis Vodka EP? Yeah that’s right this is 611 Records and we sold out of Sou Funk (FHZ001) so fast they doubled their order and then ordered the Curtis Vodka release too. Those are selling so well that they are the number 2 and number 3 best seller in the store. Holla. Yeah son we push units, out da trunk. Yo so the other

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great thing about this pic is that my boy Tim Baker is pick number 4 on the 611 list with that OVUM release. Tim Baker is the shit representing for the Detroit Techno scene like it ain’t no problem. Yeah that’s right that EP ain’t got no vocals on it. Man that dude has the illest polo sweater game I have ever seen. I was hanging out with him in Union Pier, Michigan and we went from playing croquet to feigning interest in badminton to going down to the beach in like an hour all with his polo sweater tied around neck and those ivory white shoes. Killer dude. He owns a label too called Elphanthaus (no black eye peado) but some how has never put out an EP on his own label. I also once tried to convince him to make electro beats with me on the 303 while juiced in it after partying all night and seeing him at sonotech. Oh yeah I also dj’d for him at the after party were I found out I was really not cool since I worked at Budget and everyone around me owned galleries, was a superstar international dj that just came back from European raves or owned their own home. That morning was a sobering experience while I watched the sunrise on my sister’s house still banged out of my mind thinking about how I too one day will own my own condo in a gentrifying area of Chicago… Tim Baker thanks for also djing my sisters 30th birthday party in New York.

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FHZ012 – Ninjasonik – Tight Pants EP

July 15 th, 2008

Chief Records and Flamin Hotz enthusiastically present the first release of Brooklyn’s crunk-punk duo Ninjasonik. Individually, DJ TeenWolf and DJ Rev McFly have been champions of New York City’s Lower East Side nightclub parties for years and years Part hip hop, part electronic, all punk, Ninjasonik is the latest and most exciting baby of the Brooklyn DIY scene.

FHZ011 Philly Digs Hail Social

June 3rd, 2008

Record 11 on the scene is a tribute to Philly, our hometown. First we hooked up with indie band Hail Social, picked 6 philly remixers, got local artist Thom Lessner for the art and printed it on purple vinyl. Making waves in Philly and turning in phantastic remixes are Designer Drugs, Crimp Yr Hai and Mike Robinson, Kilroy, Benny Brows, Turbostation and Squid from Plastic Little. Available June 3rd on vinyl and digital everywhere.

FHZCD001 – VA – Pancadao do Morro: O Funk do Flamin Hotz, Ja E?

April 10th, 2008

Over a year in the making, featuring 22 fully mastered funk carioca bangers and 17 artists, Pancadao has been a labor of love. After some missteps with our first release we set out to put a quality CD with more information and a more equitable business arrangement than previously associated with funk carioca compilations. We worked with Greg Scruggs who met with each of the artists, found a lawyer to develop a contract in Portuguese. From there we gathered bios and lyrics for each songs and thanks largely to the good people at Two Brothers (Instituto dos Irmaos) in Rocinha we also have translations. The CD opens up accordion fashion and features 2 booklets with nearly 80 pages of pictures, bios, lyrics and introductions.

FHZ010 – VA – Funkeiros e Progresso

Feb 5th, 2008

Coming full circle for release number 10 is Funkeiros e Progresso. Funkeiros is the teaser vinyl for our massive CD project Pancadao do Morro featuring 23 songs from over 10 different artists. We picked some of our favorite songs and ended up with Cabide, Mr. Catra, Edgar, Sargento, Beto da Caixa, Binho, Gringo and Zezinho with 8 funk bangers. Cover features a spot gloss, inside electric green printing and yellow vinyl. A must have for any collector or funkeiro.

FHZ009 Cobra Krames – Cracker Jackin

October 4th, 2008

Cobra Krames, NYC via VA party starters deliver with jackin beats on Cracker Jackin Eight full on Club House Classics, dance floor ready and crowd approved tracks to fill the floor. He has just put it down with one of the hardest hitting bmore 12s out the box guaranteed to add that extra umph in your set and make em get into some shake off shit.

FHZ008 – Cousin Cole & Pocketknife – Tambourine Dream

January 4th, 2008

A late holiday present for yall, Cousin Cole & Pocketknife turn out perfect remixes of folk(!) songs for that exact moment when you need to hear some Bruce Springsteen or Joanna Newsome. Oh yeah and just to raise the bar another 2 levels, its on a full color picture disc and features an Obi Strip. Yeah, this one sold out before it hit stores

FHZ007 Bird Peterson – Plays

December 7th, 2007

Bird, bird, bird is the word. The young upstart from Austin, Texas throws down the gauntlet for our 7th release. Mr. Peterson takes you on sonic trip around the world while playing computer jams and other peoples jams. One of our fastest selling releases, hold on to this and sell it on eBay to make that loot

FHZ006 Todosantos – Acid Girlzzz

October 12, 2007

FHZ006 is all about acid boys and acid girls featuring Todosantos direct from Caracas Venezuela. There’s mad colors yo and zebras. This release is our most ambitious to date with a full color 3D cover with custom 3D glasses and a DVD featuring the Todosantos pods and digital tracks for all your serato DJs out there. Pods are the next wave of music, the idea that every track will have a music video to go along with it. Just wait until Serato adds it to their setup and you’ll see what I mean.

FHZ005 Dwizz – Party Music EP

July 24th, 2007

Flaminhotz 005 sees the release of Dwizz straight from South Philadelphia High School. When not banging heads on the football field he’s banging beats out of his bedroom. Juke meets Baltimore at 140 BPMs that gets all the kids wu tanging at every block party and birthday party.

FHZ004 Emynd & Bo Bliz – White Tees White Belts

February 4th, 2006

For Flamin Hotz 004, we dipped into our own backyard here in Philly and picked up Emynd and Bo Bliz. These guys have been throwing the hottest party in Philly with people from up and down the coast making the trip for White Tees White Belts every first Friday. Meanwhile, they have been receiving heavy amounts of praise for their production from major players like Scottie B and Diplo. Side A is straight Philly Club while Side B features DJ ready mixes you can play out tomorrow.

FHZ003 Trouble & Bass – Bass Bandits

December 6th, 2006

Flaminhotz 003 sees the release of bass, bass and more bass from NYC crew Trouble & Bass. This EP features 6 tracks ready to make your speakers go boom. The crew pushes the boundaries of genres mixing up all the best parts of bmore, grime, dubstep, hip hop and more. Careful with this one cause it just might make your speakers bleed.

FHZ002 Curtis Vodka – Yeti Bounce EP

September 6th, 2006

Flaminhotz 002 sees the debut EP from Curtis Vodka. Curtis combines icy Alaskan keys with Baltimore club in a 5 song EP. Featured tracks include “Hey Girl” a remix of Chris Brown. “Shoulder Bounce 06” a remix of Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean” and more.

FHZ001 V/A – Sou Funk

August 30th, 2006

Flamin Hotz 001 sees the release of Sou Funk. This album features the best of baile funk with the clear winner being the Rocky Theme.

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Yeti Bounce Out Now!!!

Alaskan born Curtis Vodka has been hitting the mixtape game for awhile now, blowin up blogs and Myspace. Finally we were able to track Curtis down and get him to release a solid EP of Baltimore breakbeat influenced tracks. Already club tested in Scandinavia, this EP is a crowd pleaser that brings intimate club music sound to any party. Listen to the 5 tracks here and buy it now: http://flaminhotz.com/yetibounce.html So we finally got this from the shipper and that extra money we spent on the covers are out of this world. This is looking real nice. If you need information on international ordering or would like to order more than 2 please email us at FlaminHotzRecords@gmail.com and we will sort you out right. FHZ001 “Sou Funk Ep” is still avialble for sale in limted numbers. We are really excited about this release and the fact that people are

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still excited about vinyl records in general. We will be expanding our website soon with bios and information about what we want to do at Flamin Hotz so please check back often. Flamin Hotz 003 already in the works. Pick up Yeti Bounce now for $10 with US shipping or get doubles for $16. Peace, Flamin Hotz Family

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Sou Funk available now

FHZ-001 is out now and features 5 baile funk tracks direct from the streets of Brazil. Get it now domain data .

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