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Hail Social Remixes Out Now

12″ is out now at all fine retailors and is digital in a bunch of different places.

For this 12″ we dug deep in Philly’s backyard pulling out a whole bunch of producers from the woodwork to get on this. You have Designer Drugs who made Medusa Lounge cool again. You have the Crimp Your Hair DJ’s and Mike Robinson who held down Sals for the longest time. You got Kilroy who has steady been fixing up buildings in Port Richmond and he took a break from that to turn this into a dancefloor stomper. By far one of my favorite tracks on this release has to be Benny Brows remix of All Night that is straight infused with some rock and soul. The Turbostation Dj’s come at it again burning up the dance floor with that Cherry Cola Funk. And nothing is more Philly then the Plastic Little dudes and there wonder kid producer Squid. If this record wasn’t Philly enough we had to get Space 1026 involved since they have been such an inspiration to me over the years. We asked Thom Lessnor to get his brush out and he did pictures of all the guys for the release.

Heaven – Designer Drugs Remix
All Night – Crimp Your Hair + Mike Robinson Remix
One U Love – Kilroy Remix
All Night – Benny Brows Remix
Cherry Cola Funk – Turbostation Remix
The Fall – Squid Hailter Scailter Mix

Pick this guy up at all fine vinyl retailers or us. We recomend you get it from Turn Table Lab here.

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SAN FRANCISCO are you ready? Shit is alot mate, massive massive showing.

If you guys didn’t already know about the Bersa Disco’s camp they are a group of dudes that are from the East Coast who meet down in South America and started mixing the local Cumbia sound with other genres. Most noteably is the Cumbia Dubstep tracks that they have been pumping out for a while which are freaking insane. I was luck enough to meet Oro11 and dude was super nice. Its totally dope to see these guys do what they are doing and pushing the envelope. Also playing is CB radio which I have yet to hear live but their podcasts are pretty dope.

If you haven’t already you can grab there 12″ and there CD over at TurnTable Lab.

And if you are in the SF area and ever downloaded a track by Bird Peterson or Curtis Vodka now is your chance to really come out and support these dudes by getting in the club and vibing to these bro’s.

Here’s the info:

Bird Peterson (Flamin’ Hotz)
Curtis Vodka (Flamin’ Hotz)
Disco Shawn (Bersa Discos)
Oro11 (Bersa Discos)
CB Radio (Solos Records)

Sunday May 25
222 Club
222 Hyde Street
San Francisco, CA

flyer front: http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa30/cbradiodjposse/May25frontWEB.jpg
flyer back: http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa30/cbradiodjposse/may25backWEB.jpg

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Tambourine Dream written up in NYMag

More and more Tamborine Dream news comig at you. Big shouts out to Cousin Cole and Pocketknife over at Flagrant Fowl. That ep has flown out of store and the response has been huge on all fronts. Even Todd Terje (I love that Eurodans 12″ by the way) dropped Coles I’m on Fire in a recent mix for Residant Advisor mix and the shit has blown up. Now radio stations all over the place are asking us for the version and you can find in the know stations all the way over in Austrialia playing this shit. Insano, we are so proud of you boys. Watch out for Tambo D 2 coming soonnnner then later right here. Even NY Mag is picking up on this shit. Its insnane… (article below) . I also heard a rummor that Pocketknife might have some more orignal material droppin this year in the UK (Airrrrrhorrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn).

You can still buy the ep, the mix cd and now the new unmixed cd over at TTL.

Screenshot of the article.

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PANCADÃO DO MORRO – Big Hits From The Hill Pre Order



GROOVE ATTACK (Germany I think)

Uunderground Hip Hop



Best Buy (??????)



Thanks for your support…


Cobra Krames Reachs #1 over at TurnTable Lab

Hey guys thanks for pushing us to number one over at TurnTable Lab. Cobra Krames killing it this year with some more tracks out soon on Mad Decent and Nasty Mix. Cop that shit when it drops.

In other news the new FHZ011 is at the Plant. Whoa….

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Bustbright Update from TTL LA

Big update from our man in San Fran, Derrick from Bustbright Design. This is the dude that is responsible for how dope our records look. I am so happy to have this guy in my corner. Feel free to get him in yours also. Get in touch with him over at his site..

Anyways Derrick is down in LA and sent us these from his camera phone, looks like we are getting so much wall love from the TTL camp. Thanks guys we are so happy that gave us a special page on the website also. Actually looking at it you guys got a healthy stock of our records in. Dope gotta send that link to my Mom so she can buy Christmas Presents for everyone…


The only time I was in LA I had Trouble and Bass 12″s that I was trying to sell to other records stores and was just like fuck it. They wouldn’t take it cause it wasn’t mash up enough, not breaky enough, wasn’t on no trance shit… Man I love that record though.


DWIZZ I see you… BIRD<BIRD<BIRD<BIRD<….Man I love that Pase Rock record…

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FHZ009 Cobra Krames EP


Ahh the pressing plant messed this one up alittle and we had to redo it pushing everything back but they got it right the second time. Here we go Cobra Krames killing it in the street moving to New York and putting the heat on. Banger of a record featuring 8 tracks that are about to tear down any dance floor. Get it at any fine retailer soon.

UPDATE:  Order from us right now.  All prices include shipping, will ship anywhere in the world.


Bird Peterson Remix out on Grovesnor Records

Mad Props to the man Bird Peterson getting so much love these days. Dude gots a killer ep of tracks out with us, hes got that Nasty Mix 12″ that is insane, plus that record he put out with the boy Zebo, so a super banner year in 2007 for the dude.

So look out for dude in 2008 already with a remix for that Drive Your Car by Grovesnor that has been getting lots of UK radio play.

Getem Bird.

Grovesnor – Drive Your Car (Bird Peterson remix) (zShare)

thanks Discobelle.net

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Carioca Funk Clube Jan 24th


If your in Rio make sure you hit this.

Look for that CD droppin real soon. Like next month.


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Tambourine Dream Is Officaly In The Streets

Sorry about the long delay on this record. It actually went to press around the same time as the Bird Peterson record but got held up due to the special printing on the Obi strip. Anyways it was totally worth it. It was really a pleasure working with Pocketknife and Cousin Cole on this project after we talked about it for like two months. There was lots of early morning hung over phone calls, unanswered emails, and general excitement flying back and forth with this whole project. In the end it really shows. This record is easily one of the coolest things I have had my hand in and I am so proud to make something special for these two dudes who have been a constant influence in the scene and have been making incredible tracks for a while now.
Don’t forget that this is just the sampler ep for a much larger remix cd project that they have on Flagrant Fowl home to these dudes. I have the tracks mixed and unmixed and for like two months straight this would be the first thing I would listen to when I came into work. It still is in constant rotation and I highly recomend that you pick this up for every member of your family. This CD will be especially important if you are tired of those endless Midwestern drives where you are crossing a state every 4 hours with your mom in the minivan and all she has to listen to is the Enya tape, that George Winter summer tape, and the Nancy Griffith “Flyer” album. Pop this in and sit back while the sun sets while you are cruising by at 67 mph with no leaves on the trees and that yellow sun is low in the sky and disappearing while your breath starts to freeze on the window.

Promo page with text soon. In the mean time learn to read Japanese and enjoy that obi.
If I new how to embed youtubes I would embed this, Pocketknife made it. Its really dope.

UPDATE: Fixed and embedded

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