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FHZ013 Emynd and Bo Bliz Crossfaded Bacon EP

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shit…. FHZ013 Front FHZ013 Back cover

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Pocketknife mix from Fairtilizer

Big ups to the bol Pocketknife who has had unbridled success after releasing the Tambourine Dream ep on Flamin Hotz. With a new production deal recently inked in the UK, he brought a brand new baby girl into this world and is still bangin out great mixes. This guy is making Great in 08 an understatement. Check the mix and interview below… Much hyped Brooklyn based producer & dj Pocketknife aka Skooby Laposky caught the DJing bug when he befriended DJ Wolf (original 70s disco/deep house icon in Chicago) and then perfected his craft with Theo Parrish (Sound Signature) while they were in art school together. Production was then inevitable, dropping original joints as well as unique remixes of Lykke Li or Bruce Springsteen tracks. Check out his exclusive Fairtilizer mix. Plus an interview below! What’s your mix about? The mix I did for Fairtilizer is more of a sampler of the kind of tracks you would hear in one of my sets. I snuck in a Yeasayer remix I did that’ll be out on an art rock remix EP called “Canyon Dancing” this Halloween. The Lykki Li remix I recently posted on Fairtilizer was commissioned, but won’t be released. Enjoy! What’s goin’ on in Pocketknife’s world right now? Heard you were doing big remixes lately. Well, Tambourine Dream got Cousin Cole and I some attention. We ended up getting some representation and now we’ve got someone who coordinates official remixes for us. It’s cool to try our hand at reworking an established artist even if our versions don’t always see an official release. I’ve been busy this entire summer working on getting Tambourine Dream 2 closer to completion and of course finishing commissioned remixes. I’m also working on some original material that I hope to release early next year. How’s Cousin Cole doing? Cole is

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busy as usual. He’s working on a new club-oriented Flagrant Fowl EP, which will solely be his project. The main track on his EP has a crazy music video that accompanies it. I made up a dance for the song while we were in Sweden, which I perform in the video and it is hype! Cole’s also working on his share of remixes for Tambo D 2 and as always more new party tracks. read more over here and get the scoop on the mix…… http://blog.fairtilizer.com/?p=343 feeling this new track m8 Yeasayer “Sunrise (Pocketknife’s Rise and $hine Remix)” I loved this song the first time I heard it. I decided to beef it up a bit with some Pocketknife trademarks so I could play it in my sets. Keep the bearded indie world music thing going, guys!

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Kid Kameleon “Must Love Loops” Mixtape

Guess who got some massive play on the new Kid Kameleon mixtape out of Berlin based Cock Rock Disco… enjoy Kid Kameleon “Must Love Loops” Crockp3-010 Kid Kameleon is a sort of witchdoctor on the one’s and two’s. He can mix every style of music flawlessly at any tempo with any sort of gear, blindfolded, without headphones, in zero-gravity, drunk and unconscious. Seriously, he’s THAT good. Now he’s made the ultimate B’more mix for CRD with more tracks crammed in than any other mix made in history. “Must Love Loops” is destined to be a classic so you had better get in on the action now. Grab it now- FREE Check the track list after the jump Read more

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FHZ013 – Emynd & Bo Bliz – Crossfaded Bacon EP

Oh snap Emynd & Bo Bliz are back again with 9 more heaters! Side A features Emynd’s To All My Haters, Rock Creek Park, Deep Inside, Hangin On and Flip It Snap It. Meanwhile Blizzy goes in on side B with APW (alcohol pussy weed), Stick Em Up, This Magic Moment and Go Back. The record sleeve is an amazing picture from Michael Penn of Philly. Meanwhile, over top is a dust jacket featuring drawings from Vlad and killer design and layout from Bustbright. Another smash hit.
Buy: $9 USA

$17 International

FHZ012 – Ninjasonik – Tight Pants EP

Chief Records and Flamin Hotz enthusiastically present the first release of Brooklyn’s crunk-punk duo Ninjasonik. Individually, DJ TeenWolf and DJ Rev McFly have been champions of New York City’s Lower East Side nightclub parties for years and years Part hip hop, part electronic, all punk, Ninjasonik is the latest and most exciting baby of the Brooklyn DIY scene.

Buy: $9 USA

$17 International

FHZ011 – V/A – Philly Digs Hail Social

FHZ011 features 6 Philly remixers, artwork by Thom Lessner of Space 1026 / Sweatheart and purple vinyl! Electro / rave / house floor fillers from Designer Drugs, Benny Brows, Crimp Yr Hair, Turbostation, Squid from Plastic Little and Kilroy.
Buy $9 USA

$17 International

FHZCD001 – V/A – Pancadão do Morro

23 tracks, 2 booklets containing nearly 80 pages of lyrics, translations and photos. This is our crowning achievement for our first CD release. Panacadao represents a love affair with Rio funk taking nearly two years to fully complete. We picked up the biggest names, presented them with Portuguese contracts with royalties, for your listening pleasure including Mr. Catra, Edgar, Cabide, Gringo and many more.
We’re sold out but still available at other retailers

FHZ010 – V/A – Funkeiros e Progresso

The Funkeiros e Progresso EP getting your ears wet for some more down & dirty funk from Rio de Janeiro. Every track on this ep was battle-tested by the djs who tear up the bailes with crowds thousands deep every weekend in the favelas and suburbs of Rio. Flamin Hotz Records met up with all of these mcs and djs over the summer of 2007 to spread the bass north of the equator.
Buy: $9 USA

$17 International

FHZ009 – Cobra Krames – Cracker Jackin

Eight full on Club House Classics, dance floor ready and crowd approved tracks to fill the floor. He has just put it down with one of the hardest hitting bmore 12s out the box guaranteed to add that extra umph in your set and make em get into some shake off shit.
Buy: $9 USA

$17 International

5151CD003 – Dwizz – Party Dwizz 2

Volume 2 in Dwizz’s mixtape series. You want that really raw and grimy party music direct from the Bang ’em in Ya Ear Philly, you need this right here. This that heat playing at block parties and out windows across Philly.
Buy: $6 USA

$9 International

FHZ008 – Cousin Cole & Pocket Knife – Tambourine Dream*SOLD OUT*

Cousin Cole & Pocketknife turn out perfect remixes of folk(!) songs for that exact moment when you need to hear some Bruce Springsteen or Joanna Newsome. Oh yeah and just to raise the bar another 2 levels, its on a full color picture disc and features an Obi Strip. Yeah, this one sold out before it hit stores.

FHZ007 – Bird Peterson – Plays *SOLD OUT*

Bird, bird, bird is the word. The young upstart from Austin, Texas throws down the gauntlet for our 7th release. Mr. Peterson takes you on sonic trip around the world while playing computer jams and other peoples jams. One of our fastest selling releases, hold on to this and sell it on eBay to make that loot

FHZ006 – Todosantos – Acid Girlzzz *SOLD OUT*

Ok, the music is absolutely killing it, thats a given but lets just take a look at the packaging. Full color 3D cover, special 3D glasses inside, along with a CD with videos for each track and mp3s and red and yellow splatter vinyl. Mad colors yo!!

FHZ005 – Dwizz – Party Music

Whatchu want on your wings girl? Salt, pepper, ketchup and hot sauce. 16 year old Dwizz bangs em in ya ear with that Party Music direct from South Philly. Since traditional Bmore wasn’t raw and agressive enough, Dwizz pitches it up to make the dance floors go crazy. Can you Wu Tang better than me? We’ve included instructions if you need some help.
Buy $9 USA

Buy $17 International

FHZ004 – Emynd & Bo Bliz – White Tees White Belts *SOLD OUT*

The one that started it all. 6 Rio Funk bangers, it’s Sou Funk. This album features the best of baile funk with the clear winner being the Rocky Theme.

FHZ003 – Trouble & Bass – Bass Bandits *SOLD OUT*

Flaminhotz 003 sees the release of bass, bass and more bass from NYC crew Trouble & Bass. This EP features 6 tracks ready to make your speakers go boom. The crew pushes the boundaries of genres mixing up all the best parts of bmore, grime, dubstep, hip hop and more. Careful with this one cause it just might make your speakers bleed.

FHZ002 – Curtis Vodka – Yeti Bounce *SOLD OUT*

Flamin Hotz 002 sees the debut EP from Curtis Vodka. Curtis combines icy Alaskan keys with Baltimore club in a 5 song EP. Featured tracks include “Hey Girl” a remix of Chris Brown. “Shoulder Bounce 06″ a remix of Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean” and more.

FHZ001 – V/A – Sou Funk *SOLD OUT*

The one that started it all. 6 Rio Funk bangers, it’s Sou Funk. This album features the best of baile funk with the clear winner being the Rocky Theme.



For all my tight pants wearin ass niggas… Come and get it…

Buy Ninjasonik’s Tight Pants EP from us direct and get a free sticker and the wmd’s if you promise not to share…

Chief Records (Brooklyn) and Flamin Hotz (Philadelphia) enthusiastically present the first release of Brooklyn’s crunk-punk duo Ninjasonik. Individually, DJ TeenWolf and DJ Rev McFly have been champions of New York City’s Lower East Side nightclub parties for years and years Now partnered as Ninjasonik, they bring a whole new type of hyphy to the dance floor. Part hip hop, part electronic, all punk, Ninjasonik is the latest and most exciting baby of the Brooklyn DIY scene. You already know!

Check the Tracklist:

Side A
A1. With the K, Not the C
A2. Tight Pants
A3. Holla for a Dolla
A4. Internet Bitch
Side B
B1. Tight Pants (Rap remix feat Telli Gramz)
B2. Tight Pants (Elsewhere’s Silence of the Jamz remix)
B3. Internet Bitch (Pharoah’s 4×4 on the Floor mix) (this my jam right here)
B4. Bastardmore (Ninjasonik refix)

This is what TTL had to say about all this…

“Oh no, he didn’t.” “Dude is taking it there.” “Oh my Gaaawd.” “That’s fucking awesome!” “That sucks.” Whatever you wanna say, Rev. McFly’s first single on Flamin’ Hotz as Ninja Sonik definitely knows how to get people buzzin’. The EP is a mixture of electro/rave/Bmore coming straight from NY. The scene for this shit is some real durt-ass parties (used to see dude floating around the earliest Trouble & Bass sessions) where all the hipsters, rock heads, and freaks jam out to hard pumping tracks all night. Just click “Tight Pants(1)” to get an idea. The dude loves his dirty rocking club beats and to yell out Lil Jon inspired phrases like “Whaat n*gga!!!” and “I’m a tight pants wearin’ ass n*gga!” Like I said, real dirt talk. The raps by Telli Gramz make it complete. Also check out the drier original version(2) and the electro/rave sound of “Elsewhere’s Silence Of The Jamz Remix(3).” The shit is straight cray! There’s also the “King Of The Internet” jam, called “Internet Bitch(4) – Pharoah’s 4X4 On The Floor Mix.” It’s got samples for all you net-kings over a jazzy old skool house sound. Also, check the surprise ending with the Bmore version of ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” called “Bastardmore – Ninjasonik Refix.” If nothing else works, at least you have a surefire banger you can rely on.

The CD with bonus tracks and other funness is out on Chief records and can be bought at Ninjasonik shows, online soon, and on emusic and all that goodness.. Cheif also has the tracks for download for all you instant gratification dudes. 


More records on the way…

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TONIGHT. I guess we should also mention that we teamed up with Ninjasonik for the Tight Pants Ep release full of pure hot bangers…. You should be able to buy it in a day or two from TTL. And maybe even from us on our own singles shop. 01 With The K, Not The C 02 Tight Pants 03 Holla For A Dolla 04 Internet Bitch 05 Tightpants Rap Remix feat. Telli Gramz 06 Tight Pants Elsewhere’s Silence of the Jamz Remix 07 Internet Bitch Pharoh’s

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4×4 Remix 08 Bastardmore Ninjasonik Refix

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NYC Thursday Greg Scruggs Djing at SOBS

HEY NYC…. The very excelent Gregzinho is going to be in NYC this week djing almost every song from the Big Hits From the Hill CD. Go check out Greg at SOBS with the Cumbia killers of Zizek and Oro11 (pronounced Oro Oche by the way) who will all be spinning. Looks like a killer night… Greg promised to play all the tracks from the CD PANCADÃO DO MORRO and also to drop all new Baile Funk bangers. Check out Gregs

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Blog Beat Dispora over here.

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Vinyl Exchange Radio: All vinyl mixes Ghostdad Holdin it down

Vinyl Exchange Radio has been running a vinyl only podcast series for a while and look who got some love on the recent podcast by Dj Ghostdad and Nick Yoder. Yeah bro’s thanks for the ecellent shouts out and dropping my fav cuts from the Funkerios e Progressos ep and the Emynd & Bo Bliz record. speaking of which we are finalizing the second Emynd & Bo Bliz record as we speak and ohhh man is there some heaters on there. Well thats enough for now it will be coming out in like a month so you can wait that long right? Well for now you can enjoy the mix. Vinyl Exchange is here Vinyl Exchange Radio P.S. Ghostdad where did you get that Miss Tony 12″ I have been looking for that shit for ever. I am going to Bmore in July and need to cop that shit. Nice flexing the deep bmore crates right there. 01. “We’ve Lost Our Big Kabloona” (In the Next World You’re on Your Own LP)The Firesign Theatre (1975 Columbia) 02. “Jam the Box” – Pretty Tony (1984 Pandisc 12″) Prod. by Tony Butler 03. “Maria Gasolina” (Funk Brasil 3 LP compilation) – SD Funk (1991 Polydor Brazil) Prod. by DJ Marlboro 04. “My Neck My Back remix” (“Funkeiros e Progresso” EP compilation) – Cabide DJ (2007 Flamin Hotz) 05. “Goodbye Kiss” – Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes (1986 Metroplex 12″) 06. “Work it to the Bone” – LNR (1987 House Jam 12″) Prod. by Rick Lenoir and Larry Thompson 07. “Whatzup? Whatzup?” – Ms. Tony (1994 Sinical Records split 12″) Prod. by Scottie B. and Shawn Caesar 08. “Dikkontrol” – Tapp (1993 Yeah Yeah) Prod. by Phat Da’Dee 09. “I See Some Thick

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Jawns” (“White Tees White Belts” EP) – Emynd and Bo Bliz (2007 Flamin Hotz) 10. “Git Pumped and All That” (The E.P.) – 2 Whyte Kids (1996 HardHead Records) Prod. by DJ Kool Breez and Big Red 11. “Give it All You Got (Doggy Style)” – Afro-Rican (1987 Sun Town 12″) Prod. by Derrick Rahming 12. “Dreams on Plastic ” (J.D.’s Juvenile Delinquent Dub) (“Volume 7: The Progressive Vibe” EP) – Bonesbreaks (1993 Groove World) Prod. by Frankie Bones 13. “M & M Getting Off” – DJ Magic Mike (1990 Cheetah Records) 14. “Shake a Lil Somethin” (Mr. Mixx remix) – 2 Live Crew (1995 Lil Joe 12″) 15. “Raise the Roof” (Party Time version) – Luke feat. No Good but So Good (1998 Island 12″) Prod. by Luther Campbell and Darren Rudnick 16. “Whatzup, Whatzup” (B-Rock remix) – Playa Poncho feat. L.A. Sno (1995 So So Def 12″) 17. “Rock Wit It (Frank Ski Dope Beat Mix)” – Prince Rahiem (1994 4th & B’way 12″) 18. “A Mirror for Futility” (Original Stories For Children Inspired by Star Trek LP)Star Trek (1979 Peter Pan Sound

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Hail Social Remixes Out Now

12″ is out now at all fine retailors and is digital in a bunch of different places. For this 12″ we dug deep in Philly’s backyard pulling out a whole bunch of producers from the woodwork to get on this. You have Designer

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Drugs who made Medusa Lounge cool again. You have the Crimp Your Hair DJ’s and Mike Robinson who held down Sals for the longest time. You got Kilroy who has steady been fixing up buildings in Port Richmond and he took a break from that to turn this into a dancefloor stomper. By far one of my favorite tracks on this release has to be Benny Brows remix of All Night that is straight infused with some rock and soul. The Turbostation Dj’s come at it again burning up the dance floor with that Cherry Cola Funk. And nothing is more Philly then the Plastic Little dudes and there wonder kid producer Squid. If this record wasn’t Philly enough we had to get Space 1026 involved since they have been such an inspiration to me over the years. We asked Thom Lessnor to get his brush out and he did pictures of all the guys for the release. Heaven – Designer Drugs Remix All Night – Crimp Your Hair + Mike Robinson Remix One U Love – Kilroy Remix All Night – Benny Brows Remix Cherry Cola Funk – Turbostation Remix The Fall – Squid Hailter Scailter Mix Pick this guy up at all fine vinyl retailers or us. We recomend you get it from Turn Table Lab here.

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Our fam over at Bersa Discos just sent us these pics of CB Radio and Curtis Vodka kicking it up from the party last

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week. Also if you didn’t know Bersa Discos dropped their second vinyl record of cumbia funk from the deep the

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south of the America’s. You can go over to discobelle and download acouple of the tracks. Or if you are ready for the straight 12″ go grab it from Turntable Lab.

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