Pancadao do Morro: O Funk do Flamin Hotz, Ja E? out now

Philadelphia, PA / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 10, 2008:

The independent record label Flamin Hotz Records announces the release of its first CD, Pancado do Morro: O Funk do Flamin Hotz, Ja E? (Big HIts from the Hill: Flamin Hotz Funk, You Down?), a 22-track compilation of funk carioca. The Miami Bass-derived sound rules the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where over a million frequent bailes funk, enormous funk dance parties, every weekend. Funk carioca the word refers to something from Rio is more than just a genre, its a way of life, the soundtrack to this teeming city of 13 million, especially youth from the favelas, or squatter communities, which were immortalized in the Oscar-winning film City of God.

Funk carioca has been circulating around North America and Europe for a few years now through the occasional mixtape, compilation, and EP, but this huge musical scene, which has produced thousands of DJs, MCs, crews, and sound systems over the last two decades, still has minimal exposure outside Rio and even less outside Brazil. Enter Flamin Hotz Records, which has spent going on two years painstakingly orchestrating this compilation. Unlike many other funk releases north and south of the equator, Pancado do Morro took the extra effort to ensure that every artist received a fair contract in Portuguese ensuring payment and royalties. Additionally, it provides artist photos and bios, translated lyrics, and some background on information on funk, putting faces and names to this increasingly popular style.

The musicians are a diverse group, from old school to new school, established legends to struggling upstarts, which provide a snapshot of funk carioca from over the last couple years. Beto da Caixa kicks it off in the introduction and drops two tracks (Blindao #3, Mando Um Al Pros Manos #15) of classic tamborzo beat with lyrics about life in the neighborhood. Certified star Mr Catra, Brazil's most in-demand funk MC, revels in funk's dirty side (Eu fui de todas elas #5, Putaria da Boa #13). Cabide DJ provides the funk remix treatment to American hip-hop (My Neck, My Beck (Remix) #4) and the standard tune to get the baile bumping (Que Delcia #17). The roster of artists from Carioca Funk Clube, meanwhile, bring the newer, more international or even avant-garde side of funk that departs from classic tropes with daring sounds. Sany Pitbull, known as the maestro, really breaks from the mold with his selections (Amazonia #2, Troca-Aplica #9, Faroeste #19).

With breathtaking design from BustBright, Pancadao do Morro is a labor of love that should be a collectors item for any astute music fan or DJ interested in the world of global urban beats not only the sounds, but also the context.

Head over to XLR8R to read the latest article about Carioca Funk Clube maestro Sany Pitbull here

Audio Samples

01) Beto Da Caixa - Intro
02) MC Gringo & MC Binho - 1 Real
03) Sany Pitbull - Amazonia
04) Beto da Caixa - Blindao
05) Cabide DJ - My Neck, My Back (remix)
06) Mr. Catra - Eu Fui de Todas Elas
07) Zezinho DJ - Battle Break Funk
08) MC Sargento - Tipo Bang Bang
09) Funkero e DJ Juninho Carioca - Piloto de Fuga
10) MC Loura e Sany Pitbull - Troca Aplica
11) Phaybo DJ - Jungle Bass
12) Cabide DJ - Vem Com a Mo no Red Bull
14) Mr. Catra - Putaria da Boa
13) DJ Edgar - Aperta Um Quebe
15) Phaybo DJ - Electro Base
16) Beto da Caixa - Mando Um Al Pros Manos
17) MC Xana e Rio Ba$$ Comando - Seduzir Voc
18) Cabide DJ - Que Delicia
19) DJ Edgar - Bonde da F.
20) Sany Pitbull - Faroeste
21) Phaybo DJ - One Dos Quatro
22) DJ Edgar - Super Trinere
23). MC Gringo e MC Binho - 1 Real (Ebb Mix)

Download the Sany Pitbull mix of Cairoca Funk Clube tracks from the CD here

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