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Record Club

Who we are:

Flamin Hotz Records is a small independent record label based out of Philadelphia, PA that pushes forward thinking music for night clubs all pressed to vinyl and occasional collector's CDs with in-depth coverage of a particular scene. Over the past three years we have released a huge variety of style including new school Baltimore club, electro, disco, house, fidget, heavy bass, dubstep, baile funk/funk carioca, tukky bass, and kuduro. Artists and remixers range all across the board, including Curtis Vodka, Trouble and Bass, Emynd & Bo Bliz, Dwizz, Todosantos, System D-128, Leif, Cardopusher, Cousin Cole, Pocketknife, Cobra Krames, Bird Peterson, Scottie B, Hail Social, Designer Drugs, Crimp Your Hair DJs, Benny Brows, Ninjasonik, Sany Pitbull, Cabide DJ, Edgar DJ, Frederic Galliano, and Dj Tecas. As a record label we are interested in innovative music that moves dances floors from any genre. Flamin Hotz Records then releases that music on vinyl, allowing only the artists to control all the digital rights to the media, thus ensuring that they are in complete control of the mastered tracks and the direction that they take their musical career. Flamin Hotz is one of the leaders of this niche of hybrid dance music that fuses multiple genres together and it releases emerging talent that has gone on to make larger contributions to the music industry. In the most basic terms we are a starter label that helps emerging talent cross over from the digital market into the physical market.

What is the Flamin Hotz Record Club?

The Flamin Hotz Record Club is a direct mailing service of our records to you the consumer. Here is our idea -- we hope you like it as much as we do. We want to sign up 500 individual buyers to PayPal $120 and in return you will get 10 records this year from Flamin Hotz. This might seem like a large upfront sum to pay but think of it more as $10 over the next 12 months which isn't a lot of money to spend on music and supporting this music genre. So you say 10 records a year, that's ambitious.  All records are limited to 1000 units with no re-pressings so that means any where from 500 to 350 will actually go out to the shops. But you won't have to add that to your cart cause it will be in your mailbox before you even know it.

Now if you're reading this and it sounds a little steep let me break down the $120 which is $10 a month. The $10 is: $6 for the record, $1 for the mailing package, $3 for the shipping (US Only, International see below), and $1 for PayPal fees. And that's before the added bonuses that come along with your club membership. So can you spare $10 over the next 12 months? What's that like two less cups of coffee a week? Simply put its $120 over the year for 10 records of quality music shipped directly to you. Google around and you can barely even buy a new record for $6 these days.

Payment Plans

Currently we are offering 2 payment plans; $120 one time payment option for 10 records shipped to your door. Second payment option, sign up to a subscription plan to pay in 11 easy installments of $11. When sign up you will be charged $11, then every month on that date paypal will debit $11 again for your next installment until December. If you are not satisfied with the products you are receiving then you can cancel the subscription at any time and only receive the records that you have paid for. Please note what month you sign up will be the month you start receiving records. If you sign up in May you will only get records from May on since you will only be paying seven months. When you sign up for the payment plan please notify us that you would like to receive the back catalog and I can invoice you at that time.

International Peeps

Thank you for supporting us in your home land but shipping will have to be negotiated per country per person. If you are interested in getting involved email me for details and I will get you squared away. flaminhotzrecords@gmail.com

Added perks for the record club only

  • All digital files two weeks before shipping date of record. Be cool follow the rules and don't blog them or leak them and you could be one out of 500 people with the digital files. Then you get to post up on your favorite message board like “oh shit this new record is about to be illlllll!!!!!” and only the other 500 people in the club will be in the know. Plus it's your money up there, so keep it that way. But I am a big believer in the trust and community system so don't leak them.
  • Demos, outakes, and remix packages of all files. Cause we all know that the best remixer is yourself. Shit you can't be playing other peoples edits or you're a sucker... hahahaa... but for real.  We will only release this stuff to the record club so don't share or I mean share after your remix reaches number one on the Hype Machine. Also we can pass along demos and outakes digitally that didn't make the cut cause you know you want to be spinning that exclusive shit.
  • Limited Edition stickers and other promo swagger . . . No one on the corner has schwagger like us. Pretty much I am a creative ass motherfucker looking at two turntables and a mixer and figuring cool little things to do. For instance we brought you the Flamin Hotz Serato stickers that if you stare at enough you get some vertigo action going on. Then we made the Unruly records ones also. Other stuff I want to do will probably include t-shirts, more stickers, and if there is enough money maybe some 7"s maybe trading cards? Anyways it will be some fun shit.

Record Club Community

This is one of the biggest things I want to create since I think it is really important and could really help a lot of the people in the record club. I want to create a directory of the 500 people who are in the pool, listing who they are, what they do, and where they are from i.e if they are a music reviewer, a blogger, a touring DJ, or whatever. For those willing to participate this could increase their exposure and help with potential collaborations from gig swapping to music trading to blog linking to remixing & sharing that all supports a national network of people who support this type of music and will help to push these artists in new areas.

If I get a solid 500 people on the plan this will cover almost 100% of all pressing costs and can ensure the continued success of Flamin Hotz Records even in these tough economic times, with record stores closing left and right. Over the past three years we have been constantly delivered on the quality of our product, bringing you releases that not only sound great on vinyl, but also come in innovative and custom packaging.  With your support, we will keep pushing to make sure the artwork and custom packaging stay top-notch. 

Why should you join?

Well really if you're a DJ, you are most likely spinning on Serato and downloading all your tracks, either legally or illegally (that's up to you) and have packed away most of your vinyl. But there is still something vital about music that comes out on records, from the sound quality to the artwork to the durability.  It takes a lot more work to rub out the track names on a 12" or completely wear out the grooves on a record than it does to clear an ID3 tag or accidentally delete an mp3.  So with this plan you get the best of both worlds -- a record in the mail and all the files digitally. Or maybe you're a working DJ that still loves to carry crates of records around because they sound so much better then mp3s streaming off a computer. Then you get the best of both worlds here since you can get the mp3s for digital listening and have the vinyl to cut it up later in the night.

What if you are neither and just an audiophile that is really interested in new and breaking music?  Here is your chance to get that from trendsetting Flamin Hotz Records. Then when that artist blows up all over the internet you can point out the fact that you liked their Flamin Hotz release and really miss the lack of artwork on the new mp3 that is circulating the blogs. Plus you get to stay current and ahead of the game getting into music before it hits the stores.

This record pool is really for the record nerds out there that still love vinyl, collect it, never play it out and have stacks of the shit in their basement. I am with you bros, with collections here in Philly and collections in Chicago. The thing is I just love making cool records and even the other day grabbed a record because it looked cool and then put it on the platter and loved the music. So I hope to do that to you guys out there. Hopefully the first 14 have been an indication of what I plan to do and if all goes well and we get the numbers we can probably do even more.

We are gonna do this shit, which means a lot of work on my part but this is going to be an evolving process since I want to make sure my customers are happy.

Although we don't have a defined release schedule to date, here is stuff we have been mulling over at the office:

  • RCMP Untitled EP (Unearthed disco with some Philly heat on the remixes) Confirmed
  • Proper Villians 12” (Baltimore electro club remixes and edits for the floor) Confirmed
  • Frederic Galliano Kuduro Compilation CD featuring 15 new Kuduro bangers

People who have expressed serious interest in working with us again in the future:

  • Todosantos
  • Cobra Krames
  • Bird Peterson
  • Curtis Vodka
  • Dwizz
  • Ninjasonik

This doesn't even include the amount of remixers and other random shit that we are gonna get into.

Can we deliver?

Although I think the going is gonna be tough, we are going to have to find 500 people who are on board with our label and who are gonna be happy to spend $120 a year on 10 records of quality ass music. They might hate 3 out of the 10 records but will be happy with the other 7 and at least have the full set as collector's items. It might be slow in the beginning but if you sign up, sign up your friends, and spread the word to the right people, I don't think it will be hard to get 500. And if we start to get more then 500 people it just means more releases throughout the year.

We are gonna kick this off with month 1, January 2009 baby. I know we late but we busy.

What if I sign up in month two, can I still get the first month's record?

Yep for sure. I am really ambitious and am trying to sign up 500 people. Yikes. So tell your mom, your friends, your cousin, your sister, and your baby mama too. But I really don't think I can sign up that many people all in one month alone.  So as the records are pressed I am going to keep a certain stock aside as long as possible but I hope to have enough people signed up in three months. After that this little experiment might have to be retweaked but I think I can get this all together in that amount of time. So in other words if you paypal the full amount in month 4 you should get a package in the mail with all 4 records.

What if I sign up for the subscription plan after March 1st, can I still get the past records?

If you sign up for the subscription plan after March 1st you will only receive the following records, since you will not be paying the full $120.  For example if you sign up in March, you will miss out on the first record. If this happens to you send me an email and we can talk about a one time payment to get the previous releases so you can have a full set.

So please if you are not convinced google around and see where our artists have gone, look where are releases are sold and get excited about helping out a record label that is interested in putting out exciting music. Please let me know if you have any input or other things I should be considering and hopefully you will sign up today...


Hopefully we have convinced you that you will get a top-notch 12″ sleeve, vinyl pressed to the highest audio specs, and quality A-plus music giving support to a lot of people in the scene. Plus we are gonna throw in all the digital files, stickers, and other fun stuff!!1!

Subscription $11 A Month For 11 Months Cancel Any Time.

BUY NOW $120 for 10 Records Shipped To Your Door.